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Blueprint for Student AchievementWestfield’s vision is to develop self-motivated, hard-working, critically-thinking students who are driven to learn and succeed and aspire to be lifelong learners. Westfield’s students will be well-prepared for higher education, employment, and acceptance of their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a democratic society.

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These four Guiding Principles form the foundation for success at Westfield Village Elementary School. 

1. Culture
  • High Expectations: Students are expected to achieve a level of academic performance that will enable them to succeed in the nation’s best colleges and the world beyond.
  • Respect and Professionalism: Students are required to wear the school uniform, and are expected to treat each other, their teachers, and administration with respect and professionalism as outlined in our school-wide BEST rules.  Additionally, all students are taught how to conduct themselves respectfully, confidently, and professionally in the classroom and on the school campus. Westfield staff does not tolerate disrespectful and unprofessional conduct.
  • Accountability: While staff and administration create the environment to promote student success, all students are held accountable for their academic performance and behavioral choices.
  • School Pride: Families recognize that by attending Westfield, they are active participants in the school community.  Families are expected to attend school functions, both academic and social.  Students show school pride by participating in monthly activities such as Spirit and WOW Days. Furthermore, students must take pride in, and maintain, a safe and clean school campus. 
  • College Focus:  Westfield recognizes that in order to break the cycle of poverty, students have to obtain a college degree and the opportunities that come with it. In order to get students from traditionally underserved populations to achieve this goal, students must be exposed to the idea of college at an early age. That is why every class – including kindergarten – is referred to by their college graduation year, reinforcing the importance of building a college-going community.  Furthermore, each classroom will adopt a college or university of their choice as a way of creating a connection to higher education.
2.  Academics
  • High Quality Instruction:Highly qualified teachers provide effective initial instruction using direct and explicit teaching strategies. Students are taught to think critically, work cooperatively, and be actively engaged in their learning process. In addition, Westfield teachers are lifelong learners who are committed to professional growth to ensure student success.
  • Data-Driven Instruction: Teachers and support staffuse all available assessments and data to plan, improve, and differentiate instruction. Math, reading interventions, and differentiated instruction address specific learning needs of each child. 
  • More Instructional Time: Based on assessment data, before and after school interventions are provided to meet the needs of students requiring extra support to achieve academic goals.
  • Student and Parent Accountability: Learning is a collaborative effort between parents, students, and teachers.   Students are expected to attend school on time everyday with all necessary materials to learn and succeed.  Furthermore, students are held accountable for setting and monitoring their individual learning goals.  Parents support these goals by monitoring daily homework, classroom assignments, and communicating with teachers on their child’s progress. Westfield teachers do not tolerate incomplete homework or poor effort on assignments.   
3.  Shared Responsibility
  • Collaboration: Westfield believes there is a shared responsibility between students, staff, and parents to work collaboratively to embrace a standard of excellence in academic achievement, behavior, and attendance.
    • Westfield students are expected to work cooperatively and collaboratively in and out of the classroom to enhance their own learning and the learning of their peers. Students are responsible for effectively communicating with their parents and teachers to ensure their success.
    • Westfield staff embraces regular collaboration to analyze data and improve instruction in order to enhance student learning. In addition, staff works closely with students and parents to develop a personalized learning environment to ensure student success.
    • Westfield parents are partners in the learning process. Parents are expected to effectively communicate with their child, classroom teacher, and the school. Parents share the responsibility to maintain high expectations and uphold excellent behavior and attendance to ensure their child’s academic success.
4.  Active Parent Involvement
  • Parent Expectations: Parents will embrace education and support the school to make a positive difference in the students’ educational experience and future accomplishments. Parents must sign and return the school compact and fully commit to support the school and classroom rules, policies, and procedures. Parents are required to attend Back to School Night, Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences, and Open House during the school year.
  • Parent and School Communication: Westfield will inform parents in a timely manner through Friday folders, school website, and/or Parentlink about upcoming events and activities. In turn, parents are required to return Friday folders and keep the school updated on any changes in their contact information to maintain open lines of communication.
  • Parent Learning: Westfield will equip parents and guardians with strategies and tools for becoming involved in their child’s education through meetings, workshops, and parent groups.
  • Volunteering: Westfield expects parents to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours during the school year in the classroom, school, and/or at home. Additionally, parents can contribute to the Westfield community through involvement in the Parent Teacher Club.
  • Family Nights: Westfield will provide enrichment activities for families that will enhance interactions with students, families, and staff.