Westfield Village Elementary Home


508 Poplar Ave.

West Sacramento CA 95691

916-375-7720 (phone)

916-375-7729 (fax)


Michele Giacomini, Principal



Eli Estrada, Secretary I


Office Hours

Monday - Friday

7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

To report a scholar's absence, please call:

(916) 375-7720

or email Eli Estrada at


Spirit Days

Show your school spirit every Friday by wearing your Westfield school shirt or your grade level color shirt every Friday.

Grade level colors:

TK/Kinder - red

First - black

Second - purple

Third - blue

Fourth - green

Fifth - yellow

Sixth - orange

Target Books for Schools Award

Thank you to Target for awarding Westfield a $500 Books for Schools award to purchase books for our school's library!

Target Books for Schools_1.jpg

Target Books for Schools.jpg

Westfield's Shared Vision

Westfield’s vision is to develop self-motivated, hard-working, critically-thinking scholars who are driven to learn and succeed and aspire to be lifelong learners. Westfield’s scholars will be well-prepared for higher education, employment, and acceptance of their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a democratic society.

Principal's Message

It's spring at Westfield and we are certainly in full swing! Yay! 

We've been doing walk-thrus at our site with both district, board members and other education specialists. During these walk-thrus we've been looking for Depth of Knowledge being taught, (critical thinking skills), and I must say, our teachers and students have been extremely impressive! Just another reason I am so proud of our Westfield community! We were even given public accolades at one of the last District Board Meetings...so others are noticing the great things going on here too!!! We also had an amazing day with Kevin Bracy and his Reach One program. We are looking for ways to infuse his positivity program throughout our whole school. I want to personally thank each and every person who attended his powerful meetings. We already do some great things for “bully-proofing” through our BEST program, and classroom lessons, and weekly Kindness challenges, but we are hoping to add the Reach One positive weekly messages, and encourage everyone to be kind and accepting of each other in new ways. Here at Westfield we are committed to continue to being proactive, and we want to be positive in the way we encourage a bully-proofed community. Meaning focusing on positive ways to treat each other!!! 

STATE TESTING has begun. And because it is such a different schedule than we are used to, we are asking that our families remain diligent through the end of May about being sure their child get a good night's rest every night, a healthy breakfast the next morning, send in only healthy snacks and be sure their children are at school on time! Please also make every attempt possible to schedule appointments for before or after school hours. It goes without saying that these are great reminders to live by every day, but we especially want to be sure we have them in place during test-ing time. Thanks everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Principal Giacomini 

Guinness World Records: Cup Stacking @ Westfield!

School Calendar

Attendance Procedures

Dear parents,

We have two ways main ways of reporting your child’s absence from school:

#1)  You may email us at:  westfield.attendance@gmail.com


#2)  You may call our office at 916-375-7720

Either way, please state your child’s full name, teacher, and reason for absence.

Thanks so much,

Principal Giacomini


Estimados padres,

Tenemos dos formas principales para reportar la ausencia de su hijo de la escuela:

#1) correo electrónico en: westfield.attendance@gmail.com


#2) puede llamar a nuestra oficina al 916-375-7720

Por favor, sírvase indicar el nombre completo de su hijo, maestro y razón de la ausencia.

Muchas gracias,

Directora Giacomini

Effective January 7, 2012, when your child is absent, you will have up to 72 hours after your child is absent to verify/clear your scholar's absence(s) (via note, email, phone call to the school, or by submitting a doctor's note). If absences are not verified within 72 hours, the absence(s) will be considered unexcused. Please note that once our attendance month accounting cycle closes, and absences are not verified, we cannot overwrite or change the absence(s).

Please read Frequently Asked Questions regarding Attendance.


Westfield Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten Registration

Click the TK/Kindergarten Registration picture below for more information regarding Westfield's TK/Kindergarten Registration! You may register your child in the Westfield Office from 1PM-3PM, Monday-Friday, starting February 21, 2015. Please read the flyer to find out more about the TK/Kindergarten birthday dates for eligibility.



Thank you Mark Polhemus and the wonderful folks at Walk Sacramento for providing over 150+ free bike helmets to Westfield Scholars!