Westfield Village Elementary Home


508 Poplar Ave.

West Sacramento CA 95691

916-375-7720 (phone)

916-375-7729 (fax)


Michele Giacomini, Principal



Eli Estrada, Secretary I


Office Hours

Monday - Friday

7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

To report a scholar's absence, please call:

(916) 375-7720

or email Eli Estrada at


Spirit Days

Show your school spirit every Friday by wearing your Westfield school shirt or your grade level color shirt every Friday.

Grade level colors:

TK/Kinder - red

First - black

Second - purple

Third - blue

Fourth - green

Fifth - yellow

Sixth - orange

Target Books for Schools Award

Thank you to Target for awarding Westfield a $500 Books for Schools award to purchase books for our school's library!

Target Books for Schools_1.jpg

Target Books for Schools.jpg

Westfield's Shared Vision

Westfield’s vision is to develop self-motivated, hard-working, critically-thinking scholars who are driven to learn and succeed and aspire to be lifelong learners. Westfield’s scholars will be well-prepared for higher education, employment, and acceptance of their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a democratic society.

Principal's Message

Dear Westfield Wildcats,

WOW!  Can you believe it? The year has almost come to an end. And what a great year it has been, too! I have absolutely loved all the great times we have had…whether it be fun assemblies,  after school events, our Parent Meetings, Kindness Challenges, singing the Friday song with everyone, or all the hugs and high fives in the hallways…those are the memories of this year that will always put a smile on my face.

You know what else makes me smile?  It’s our incredible new volunteer base, that’s what!  I love seeing all the new parents, guardians and grandparents who recently not only took the time to go get cleared to be a volunteer at our school, but who help out every chance they get! We are so blessed to have so many people who go the extra mile to help WV be a special place to go to school. THANK YOU to each and every one of you who pitch in to help, we appreciate you!

We’ve been doing lots of awesome things here this year…and a lot of those involve internal programs that you might not see, but we sure feel! Our site fine-tuned our Discipline Plan this year and we have worked very hard to not only all be in the same page, but to add the parent communication piece to it. We also strengthened the level of safety here at Westfield by putting stronger safety measures in place. I know you all are aware of the mandatory badge-wearing policy for all our visitors permitted onsite, but some of the things you don’t see are the safety drills we do, and the preparation of our students, for the event of an emergency. And we do it with care, because our students’ safety comes first! Our teachers have also been involved with many intense trainings to help them hone their teaching skills. These are just a few of the important changes we’ve made this year…and it’s all in the name of doing what’s best for children.

I know I am gushing over all the Westfield awesomeness of this year as it comes to a close, but we are already thinking about next year!  We are looking forward to collaborating with our parent groups to try to build active membership in a Parent-Teacher Club. We are already discussing a major emphasis on character development & great positive reinforcement opportunities. We are encouraging each other and community members to help up develop some exciting afterschool clubs to begin in the fall. We also are hoping to enlist even more volunteers, as we need them desperately to be part of our Westfield community! So we may be saying goodbye to this school year and our current 5th & 6th graders, but we look forward to saying HELLO to a whole new year, come August!

Thank you for sharing your children with us during this exciting time.  We appreciate you, and we truly are a school who cares about all of our students!

Sunny summer wishes,

Principal Giacomini

Guinness World Records: Cup Stacking @ Westfield!

School Calendar

Attendance Procedures

Dear parents,

We have two ways main ways of reporting your child’s absence from school:

#1)  You may email us at:  westfield.attendance@gmail.com


#2)  You may call our office at 916-375-7720

Either way, please state your child’s full name, teacher, and reason for absence.

Thanks so much,

Principal Giacomini


Estimados padres,

Tenemos dos formas principales para reportar la ausencia de su hijo de la escuela:

#1) correo electrónico en: westfield.attendance@gmail.com


#2) puede llamar a nuestra oficina al 916-375-7720

Por favor, sírvase indicar el nombre completo de su hijo, maestro y razón de la ausencia.

Muchas gracias,

Directora Giacomini

Effective January 7, 2012, when your child is absent, you will have up to 72 hours after your child is absent to verify/clear your scholar's absence(s) (via note, email, phone call to the school, or by submitting a doctor's note). If absences are not verified within 72 hours, the absence(s) will be considered unexcused. Please note that once our attendance month accounting cycle closes, and absences are not verified, we cannot overwrite or change the absence(s).

Please read Frequently Asked Questions regarding Attendance.


Westfield Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten Registration

Click the TK/Kindergarten Registration picture below for more information regarding Westfield's TK/Kindergarten Registration! You may register your child in the Westfield Office from 1PM-3PM, Monday-Friday, starting February 21, 2015. Please read the flyer to find out more about the TK/Kindergarten birthday dates for eligibility.



Thank you Mark Polhemus and the wonderful folks at Walk Sacramento for providing over 150+ free bike helmets to Westfield Scholars!